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Political and Social Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Political and Social Theory - Essay Example As the paper outlines, team cohesion refers to the ability of employees and the management to work together towards attaining the same goal. Through the role theory, both parties know what duties they ought to perform. The role theory defines the expectations of the employee; therefore staff members perform their roles bearing in mind that they are individual members of a team aiming at eventually achieving the same goal (Harnisch, 2011). On the other hand, functionalism shows the employees that each department in an organization forms a synchronized system which ought to function in unison so as to obtain the key target (Kendall, 2007). Therefore, these two theories help in displaying the reason both the employees and management, who have different functions, should work synchronously to achieve the main interest.  Conflict resolution in institutions refers to the ability of affiliates to provide solutions that resolve group differences. In any group, lack of knowledge about oneâ €™s role and position often leads to conflict. Therefore, in order to avoid or resolve the differences that may develop, the management should apply concepts found in both the role theory and functionalism. Concepts of the role theory such as expectations and resources stipulate some of the duties an employee has to perform and the supplies provided (Harnisch, 2011). Similarly, the functionalism perspective describes some of the activities particular members of the organization need to accomplish in order to assist in the overall production of the whole corporation (Quah, 1990). Both theories are beneficial in preventing and resolving conflict since they help the management and employees to understand their individual roles.

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Rite Aide pharmacy Essay Example for Free

Rite Aide pharmacy Essay My 3 day site visit was in the Rite Aide pharmacy. I was so excited because it was my first retail pharmacy visit. I really like the idea to experiment on visiting different types of pharmacy practices. One of my dream career is to be in a retail pharmacy and from my visit to this pharmacy I was able to get myself little more encouragement than the other pharmacy practice that I have visited.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   My first day to visit Rite Aide is on March 20 2008 which is Wednesday. It was a down town pharmacy and unfortunately the receptor pharmacist was absents because of flu. I was introduced then to another pharmacist in replace of my expected pharmacist. He   was very friendly and even introduced me to the other personnels of the pharmacy. I find it easy to get along with him because he was a charming man and can start lightly conversations. We had a wonderful day working together. I can see based on my observation that he was very comfortable with the system and flexible enough to make him self available for every patient  Ã‚  Ã‚   consultation. I admire his dedication to his job as a pharmacist.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The pharmacy is totally innovated in terms of facilities. The pharmacist in-charge of my visit taught me how to operate the automatic answering machine that receives voice mails from   the physicians office. I am also fascinated by their computer system where they get prescriptions via email. It is easier for them to process orders by using this technologies. The supplies of the pharmacy is ensured from weekly distribution all the way from the Central Ride Aide branch. On instances that faster medication and orders are needed, they will just contact the local supplier for faster delivery. Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed in this company which for them is their best asset in giving best service to people.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In times that stocks are not available for customers they will ask for a couple of days to   extend your request and they will immediately find ways to get the necessary product you wanted. Customer will be given two ways to claim their order by picking it up or shipping it directly at their doorsteps. My first day of visit is a very busy day for the pharmacy. Customers are lined up by my guide still managed to teach me things that I barely dont know about retail pharmacy. He even showed me the automatic computer system of insurance and how to fill up a new insurance claim. since there were many customers I was able to helped them filling up insurance claims and assist customers needs.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   My second day of visit is the time that I was bale to meet my receptor pharmacist. She was a middle age happy lady who is also friendly like the first one who was introduced to me. She required me to look into the shelf and find the drug with the variety of dosage form. Upon looking inside the shelf, I come up with a big list of medication. As I recall in our pharmaceutics course, there are a lot of drug with a variety of dosage from . The task assigned to me that day gave me an opportunity to see the different dosage forms right my very eye. After doing that task, she explained to me the process on how to fill out each order. I even help them to fill up some of their order. I also learned from her that the shelf is arranged alphabetically according to their brand name and their generic name. It also gave me an opportunity to see for myself the top 200 drug that I have learned in class before .   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   On the third day, since I have been well trained about their, It was time for me to   helped them on taking orders. I applied every knowledge I gained beginning my first day of visit. My 3 day experience at Rite Aide is really enjoyable. It was so interesting for me to try different types of pharmacy experience. Before, I used to think that life of a pharmacist is nice and easy. All they do is sit on their chair and read newspaper or surf the web, but after my visit all my misconceptions about that job changed. Being a pharmacist is never easy. They have full responsibility of everything which includes order processing and prescribing the right drugs and dosage. Every order that they handle should be handled carefully since every mistake will impact on the patients health condition.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Being at Rite Aide for three days allows me to take a glimpse on how my future will be in the pharmaceutics industry. I was bale to experience the type of job that I will be facing few years from now. I understand that in order for me to be a successful pharmacist I need to have focus on my career and persevere to be the best in this field. My experience of three days gave me lessons that cannot only be gathered through classes but real life interaction with the kind of job that I will be handling in the future.

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social engineering Essay -- essays research papers

Pedophilia in short is the desire of an adult for sexual contact with children. Pedophiles have been known to molest children only hours after being released from a lengthy prison sentence. In some instances, they kill their victims in order to cover up their crimes. Over the years, society has implemented many attempts to contain pedophilia including such measures as incarceration, therapy, and even castration. Few of these have proven successful. Pedophilia poses an alarming problem for society, particularly the children who are the victims of the sexual abuse. According to Bertrand (2005) â€Å"In the United States, up to 500,000 cases are reported each year, and many more go unreported. In 1990, this crime cost over $2 billion -- and this figure does not include psychotherapy for the child... social engineering Essay -- essays research papers Pedophilia in short is the desire of an adult for sexual contact with children. Pedophiles have been known to molest children only hours after being released from a lengthy prison sentence. In some instances, they kill their victims in order to cover up their crimes. Over the years, society has implemented many attempts to contain pedophilia including such measures as incarceration, therapy, and even castration. Few of these have proven successful. Pedophilia poses an alarming problem for society, particularly the children who are the victims of the sexual abuse. According to Bertrand (2005) â€Å"In the United States, up to 500,000 cases are reported each year, and many more go unreported. In 1990, this crime cost over $2 billion -- and this figure does not include psychotherapy for the child...

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Jollibee †fast food the filipino way (case study) Essay

1. Introduction Strategic management is a comprehensive study of how a firm performs during its course, with regard to its predetermined objectives, how they plan to achieve these objectives, and how much resources are expendable for those objectives. The process to determine the strategic management involves considerations of company’s strategic advantages and matching it with existing conditions in business environments. Gerry Johnson and Kevin Scholes (2001) reveal there are three ‘origins’ of strategic management. In their book, Exploring Strategic Management, they mention that a corporate strategic management could rise from: ? Experience of operating corporation’s daily activities ? Regulated designing steps as mentioned above or, ? Novel and innovative ideas that come form evolutionary and complex understanding of the business environment. Concerning the strategic management, this paper discusses the case on Jollibee Food Corp (Jollibee). The company has worldwide reputation as fast-food provider from Philippines. The interesting part when discussing about Jollibee Food Corp lies on the fact that the company was named to be McDonald’s a huge embarrassment, according to the Economist on its February 2006 issue. Moreover, the discussion will address the potential future strategies for Jollibee Fast Food. The report will highlight a through analysis of the organization under review, together with recommendations for future strategies to secure opportunities, or to defend against threats. Furthermore, the analysis of Jollibee Fast Food will also focus upon applying the theory of strategic management. There are six points of discussion about Jollibee Fast Food; they are systematic process of strategic management and decision making, key strategic problems, key strategic opportunities and threats, value, alternative courses of action, and recommendations as to the company’s future course. 2. Analysis of Jollibee Fast Food 2. 1. Key issues of Systematic Process of Strategic Management and Decision Making The development of business involves a series of suitable decision making that drive a company to achieve a designated position in a particular market or industry. Concerning the decision making nature, I found a brief explanation from a research, where the researchers explains that there is no â€Å"pure† decision merely based on intellectual logic or â€Å"purely† based on emotion (Biology Daily, n. d. ). Their remarks suggest that in every kind of the decision making process, there is an appropriate mixture between emotion and reason of the decision makers. This suggestion is in line with nature of storytelling that also composes of mixture between the two factors. Although decision-making process could not merely depend on rational process, I found that it makes sense to assume that too much emotion may cause a decision to be flawed or vague. Under such circumstances, in order to make a sensible decision we must dispassionately consider evidences we have. The theoretical perspectives in strategic management and decision making, as mentioned above, also happened in the case of Jollibee in which the decision to adopt McDonald’s and U. S. fast food chain and to localize their offerings involves both rational and emotional decision making. 2. 1. 1. â€Å"Copy† Strategy. As mentioned above, strategic management involves three broad activities; they are performs during its course, with regard to its predetermined objectives, how they plan to achieve these objectives, and how much resources are expendable for those objectives. Concerning the Jollibee case, during its first stage, the company asserts that from the start, their objective is to copy existing fast-food business practice in order to avoid reinventing new wheel and take benefits of tested experiences. In order to achieve the objective, Tony, the founder of Jollibee, and his brother went to the U. S in 1978 in order to gain knowledge about running a fast-food business. The main role model for Jollibee is undoubtedly McDonald’s that later becomes the company’s main rival not only in the Philippines market but also overseas. The interesting part of Jollibee action is that the company decides to compete with multinational fast-food chain like McDonald’s and Burger King by adopting the so-called ‘symbol of Filipino Pride’. This strategic management is taken since the company realizes they cannot compete with McDonald’s that have strong financial backup and supply chain. 2. 1. 2. Address Local. Preferences In addition to copy the fast-food practice that McDonald’s and other U. S. fast-food chain, Jollibee also address the local preferences when competing with U. S. fast-food chain in Philippines market. For example, from the start in 1978, Jollibee address the Fillipino habits like eating in groups, each person orders separate dishes. By adopting local preferences, Jollibee has extensive number of menu compared to U. S. fast food that offer limited menu. Moreover, like McDonald’s that has Ronald as the mascot, Jollibee also provides their mascot appeared as ‘a human like bee’ two years after the fast-food chain establishment. The success of Jollibee continues running although McDonald’s entered Philippines in 1981 since the U. S. competitor did not localize their offering and their price was higher by 5 to 10 percent than Jollibee. Moreover, in order to attract and serve Filipino, Jollibee practice the local greeting culture by saying Magandang Umaga Po, the local preferences that McDonald’s and other U. S fast food retailers do not adopt and practice. 2. 1. 3. Market Expansion Another decision that is noteworthy in the case of Jollibee is their globalization strategy. The company’s first overseas outlet was in Brunei in 1987. The decision to expand worldwide was because the company saw opportunities in foreign markets although their market expansion strategy slowed down due to economic recession in 1997. The decision to adopt dual strategy to expand internally (Philippines market) while keeping their eyes open to international market amidst global economic recession highlight that the company employs both rational and emotional decision. The situation occurs since Jollibee believe that the recession would go away while market opportunities would grow at a breakneck speed afterwards. In addition to initial overseas outlet in Brunei, the company immediately presents other overseas outlets in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the U. S. The decision was based on the fact that the three countries have significant number of Filipino working there. In the U. S. for example, Jollibee first exists in Daly City, California, whwre 25% of the city population was Filipino descent. 2. 2. Key strategic problems and issues which have arisen and why they have arisen Jollibee has a great reputation in managing its outlets throughout Philippine and neighboring countries. In its home markets, Jollibee is practically the leader in the fast-food industry, outperforming McDonalds by far. The company also gained success in foreign Asian markets, especially ones with significant population of Filipino nationals. Nevertheless, the company is currently facing the challenge of maintaining corporate growth and surviving within the increasingly competitive industry and facing various crises. 2. 2. 1. Core Issue The company is currently planning to expand its business to the United States and perhaps even the European countries. Management believes that such undertaking is necessary to ensure growth for corporate international business. However, analysts stated that this undertaking might not be as successful as Jollibee’s management predicted. This is due to the fact that competition in the global fast-food industry is much more intense compare to the Philippine markets and the Asian market. The company will have to face competitors in their homeland, which is a scenario that receives significant critics because Jollibee is known to be profitable because it took advantage of its knowledge and insights of Philippine people’s tastes and preferences. Such advantage will not be present in the US or European market. In short, to successfully perform the internationalization strategy, Jollibee cannot rely on existing strategies. New strategies that appeal to US consumers must first be discovered. This is the main issue faced by the company today. 2. 2. 2. Technical Obstacles Besides this main problem that will obstruct Jollibee’s expansion strategy, there are others. In entering the US markets, Jollibee is also facing technical problems like procuring suitable real-state and designing the right retail format. Because of the different construction style in US and different consumer preferences, management of the company is forced to build outlets which are actually different than their original plan. 2. 2. 3. Attracting New Customers The company is also having problems in attracting customers. The original strategy of the company is to appeal to Filipinos who are working or living within the targeted country. However, the amount of Filipino nationals who live in the United State is far from sufficient to generate Jollibee’s targeted revenue. Management is dealing with this problem by adding new products that suited local customers. Nevertheless, some of these new products are very different than the original offering of Jollibee and Jollibee is inexperienced in providing such products to the market. Furthermore, this strategy threatens to eliminate Jollibee’s original trademark. The company needs to discover a way to increase the appeal of Jollibee’s original offerings to local customers. 2. 3. Attracting Good Employees Besides having trouble getting customers, Jollibee is also having problems attracting good employees to work in its outlets. Being a new brand in the market with no locally reputable achievements, the company is struggling to attract good people to work in the company. The problem deserves quite an attention because the company is also inexperienced in facing this problem. In its previous markets, the company simply has to pick and choose between abundant applicants. The company needs to revaluate its human resource management programs and discover strategies to attract good employees. 2. 4. Key strategic opportunities and threats Strategic management is the art of designing the business to reach the highest possible success level. The core questions addressed by a good strategic management process are: 1. ‘what are our business objectives? ’ 2. ‘how are we going to achieve those objectives? ’ 3. ‘what resources are needed to achieve such objectives? ’. (‘What is’, 2007) In the case of Jollibee, the company already has a good design of vision and mission statement and the values in achieving those objectives. Corporate values include: â€Å"customer firsts†, â€Å"excellence through teamwork†, â€Å"frugality†,† spirit of family and fun†, â€Å"humility to listen and lead†, â€Å"honesty and integrity†. Corporate mission is to â€Å"bring great taste and happiness to everyone†. Corporate vision includes: â€Å"being the most dominant and best-tasting service restaurant†, â€Å"reaching every Filipino†, â€Å"provide great product taste at all times†, etc. The company is planning to achieve this objectives by attaining the 3B, which are† boosting the standards of fast food industry†, â€Å"build brand satisfaction†, and â€Å"broaden the reach to customers†. These statements represent the first component of strategic management. However, Jollibee must work to evaluate the second and third component mentioned above. In facing existing challenges and to achieve corporate objectives, Jollibee must search into its organizations for competitive advantages and develop the valuable edges to help the company gain more share of the market. These advantages must be cross referenced to the conditions in Jollibee’s foreign markets to discover the appropriate corporate strategy to apply in the foreign markets. The core strategic advantages of the company are: †¢ Innovation. In its home market and the market it has been operating in since its inception, the company was known to be highly innovative. The company developed from an ice cream parlor to a chain of the most successful fast-food counters in Philippine. Today, the company has not lost its touch in innovation. New products are developed and designed as the company perform its daily operations and generated new menus and methods of preparing food. †¢ Sensitivity toward all customer segments In my personal opinion, Jollibee is successful because of its main weapon, sensitivity toward customer preferences. The company took notice of the different segments of customers that come into the outlets and find the best possible way to satisfy their needs. Creating a variety of meals instead of the standard and non-variative products which is considered to be the character of fast-food outlets, designing children’s meals, creating a special program to address the take-away segment are just some example of how the company address the needs of its customers †¢ Preserving Quality of Operations The company uses the newest technologies to enhance its operations. The manufacturing process within the outlets is constantly improved by benchmarking programs and adopting new processes and technologies. This should be identified as a weapon of corporate growth and entry into foreign markets. †¢ Good relationship with Franchisers The company treats is partners and franchisers like family in accordance to Philippine customs. Inputs are regarded and the company truly work together with franchisers to develop the quality of outlets’ operations. †¢ Leadership Some analyst believed that most of the current success of the company is the result of one man’s hard work. Without the leadership qualities and the boldness to spot a good strategy and actually go through with the idea, Jollibee would not be what it is today. There is little doubt in stakeholders’ minds that corporate survival and growth for all the years are directly related to Tony’s presence as corporate leader and mentor. Identifying these strengths and cross referencing them to the challenges faced by the company in its internationalization plan, we should be able to conclude the following strategic opportunities: †¢ The company possesses notable chances to succeed in international markets because of its qualities. However, because the international markets have much more intense competitive environment, the company must always try to develop the quality of its operations in all aspects. Preserving the present quality of operations and active innovation, and also enhance them to a new level will allow the company to be among the top players of the international fast-food industry. †¢ Facing new environments, all companies must go through a stage of adaptation. Adoption of local characteristics is generally necessary in order to get the first customers into the outlets. The company, who has a reputation of being innovative and sensitive toward customer preferences, should see this as an opportunity to create new products, new programs, new packages or other new and appealing strategies that will attract customers into Jollibee’s outlets. †¢ In managing the human resource, the company should rely on its proven qualities for leadership and managing good relationship with partners. If the company is having trouble in initially attracting good employees into the outlets, the company should consider using Filipino employees. By training them to meet the highest standard of the industry and giving them the best employment deal in the market, Jollibee will set an example to the general workforce in the market. The present condition of the company however, also has strategic threats that must be paid attention to. Some of them are: †¢ Letting go previous formats and being creative Research indicated that previously successful companies generally have problems adapting to new conditions and developments. This is caused by the illusion that they have discovered the recipe for success and refuse to change along with the environment. Jollibee must educate its managers and employees not to fall into this mind trap and understand the reality that the corporate profit will diminish and corporate existence will be threatened if all components of the organizations failed to change along with the environment. New strategies that will strengthen corporate competitive advantages are required, especially in this internationalization program. †¢ Dependency toward single leadership. In Jollibee, most of the bold and innovative strategies are led by a single leader which is a dangerous culture when the company intends to go international. The principles of globalization stated that business internationalization means that the company also has what it takes to perform localization of business operations. In a localization concept, local leaders must have the authority and freedom to act in response to conditional changes (Beck, 1999). Having privately owned and franchise outlets overseas will make it necessary for delegation of leadership. †¢ Losing corporate characteristics Other strategic threat is losing corporate characteristics and be called a copycat or business imitator. Unlike the previous years of Jollibee when the company must perform serious benchmarking to mimic McDonalds, today the company is recognized for its own brand and characteristic. Corporate strategy must be aimed at increasing the appeal of existing offerings and not blindly mimicking local competitors to gain more customers. Such a plan is not viable in the long term. 2. 5. Value if decisions taken by managers. Jollibee’s success is not without apparent reasons. Management of the company displayed that it has performed its best in all aspects of corporate operations, especially in adhering to customer preferences and maintaining high quality manufacturing processes. In the modernism perspective, Jollibee would be successful in all its business endeavors as long as the company maintains all of the present business credibilities. This is in line with modernism philosophy who believes that human endeavor, logic and technology are the main factors that shape the world (Nichols, 1995). However, reality revealed that the company is not vulnerable from problems and issues, and it must be noted that most of the problems are generated by external factors and not internal. In other words, the company remains credible as it is originated, but the quality of its performance is threatened. This is hardly accord with principles of modernism. On contrary, this is more suitable to the postmodernism perspective. In the postmodern perspective, social, cultural and spiritual factors are significantly influencing occurrences of the world. Postmodernism proponents adopt a more ‘flexible’ or ‘fluid’ view of the world, with appreciation but not worshiping logic and modern technologies (Bertens, 1995). In the light of this discussion between modernism and postmodernism, we discover the reality that the business world is a constantly fluctuating place, where a company might be the indisputable leader today but could be reduced to runner ups the next day. Jollibee is in an important stage of its development, which is expanding to one of the biggest and most challenging markets in the world. This represents the possibility that Jollibee will face more challenges and uncertainties in addition to currently present. In its foreign markets, the company need to reevaluate its operations both internally to refit corporate human resource management and externally to increase the marketing appeal of the company (Castels, 1996). 2. 6. Consideration of alternative courses of action According to case of Jollibee, there are many actions that Jollibee considered to be excellent. However, there are many opportunities for the fast-food chain to improve their service. for instances, concerning the global expansion, currently, the company still believe their recipe to develop the true taste for Filipino since their target customers are Filipino descent. However, since customers in the global markets do not come from Philippines or not wholly Filipino, therefore, the company needs to adopt local taste as well. For instances, when serving American customers, Jollibee needs to incorporate local taste instead of forcing the Filipino taste for American people. 2. 7. Recommendations of Company’s Future In order to provide suitable analysis for a company’s future, we should incorporate suitable business analysis tools so that we can obtain enough information and develop suitable strategy from it. One of business analysis tools that is suitable for Jollibee case is Ansoff Matrix. This analysis tool is basically a marketing tool, publicized by the Harvard Business Review in 1957 (Tutor2U, 2005). The concept elaborates how companies direct their corporate strategy to achieve corporate growth. As each company rely on different competitive advantage for profitability and growth, the Ansoff Matrix simplifies the complicated nature of ‘personal’ corporate competitive advantages by dividing all of them into four large quadrants. In order to alleviate the limitation that the analysis tool has, Bruce D Buskirk, in 1998, add another two quadrants (6 in total) in the Ansoff Matrix. The addition quadrants address the influence of high tech environment in a business (Figure 1). Figure 1 Ansoff Growth Strategy Market (Expanded) Source: Available at http://www.zanthus. com/databank/strategy/business_strategy. asp Concerning the case of Jollibee, the recommendation can be developed into several components as depicted by Ansoff Matrix. But two most important factors for recommendation are Future and New Technology. †¢ Future Concerning product future (product development and diversification), Ansoff matrix suggests that a company needs to promote their product and repositioning the brand. This strategy is the least risky since its does not require massive capitalization to obtain new resources (QucikMBA, 2004). This is important since the positioning of Jollibee is formerly to become the Filipino choice while markets/customers come from diverse culture and nationality. The situation suggests the company need to develop global taste. Remember, McDonald’s success is because they have a wide range of products that address global tastes plus some adjustment to local tastes. †¢ New Technology Considering the benefits of IT for supporting the Jollibee operation, the company needs developing Management Information with following benefits: ? Simplifying the product and the production process? Using customers demands as a guide to enhance products and services ? Reduce cycle time ? Improve quality and precision of products (food and beverage) delivery ? Avoid miscalculation in billing statement To be specific, Jollibee can increase their revenue by simplifying the purchasing process by using corporate e-commerce, for instances, where customers can reserve a place at any Jollibee’s outlets. Similarly, by using e-commerce customer can purchase any Jollibee’s products and have them by home delivery services. The situation highlights that the adoption of technology will give the company with new revenue sources. 3. Conclusion Fast food industry is an interesting business since people need food and therefore the industry grows fast. Concerning issue, this paper discusses the strategic management of Jollibee Food Corp (Jollibee). Moreover, the analysis of Jollibee Fast Food will also focus upon applying the theory of strategic management and address six points; they are systematic process of strategic management and decision making, key strategic problems, key strategic opportunities and threats, value, alternative courses of action, and recommendations as to the company’s future course. Bibliography Beck, U. 1999. ‘What is Globalization’. Cambridge: Polity Press. Bertens, Hans. 1995. ‘The Idea of the Postmodern: A History’. London: Routledge. Biology Daily. Emotion. Retrieved July 3, 2007 from http://www. biologydaily. com/biology/Emotion Castells, M. 1996. ‘The Rise of the Networked Society’. Oxford: Blackwell. Harvey, Neil. Company Strategy. Professional Management Review. Retrieved July 3, 2007 from http://www. pmr. co. za/magazines/January2005/regCompanyStrategy. htm Nicholls, Peter. 1995. ‘Modernisms: A Literary Guide’. Hampshire and London: Macmillan Tutor2U. (2005). Ansoff Product / Market Matrix. Retrieved July 3, 2007 from http://www. tutor2u. net/business/strategy/ansoff_matrix. htm QuickMBA. (2004). Ansoff Matrix. Retrieved July 3, 2007 from http://www. quickmba. com/strategy/matrix/ansoff/ ‘What is Strategic Management? ’. 2007. Allbusiness. Retrieved July 2, 2007. from http://www. allbusiness. com/search.

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Marketing Strategy For The New Marketing Opportunity Essay

3. The final part of the assessment involves determining the final marketing mix in relation to the new marketing opportunity. As part of finalising your marketing mix, answer the following questions: ï‚ §Ã¯â‚¬  What environmental factors could have an impact on the selected marketing mix e.g. economic conditions, the political or legal environment, etc? †¢ Competition: To compete in new market, company has to do marketing mix and determine market strategy for Price, Place, products and promotions. †¢ Economical factors: Is information that is necessary for determine marketing opportunity for future activities. Considering from the area and condition of the new market and also the behavior of the customer then distribution channel will be decided. †¢ Technological changes As a result of changing in technology, the company has to determine whether to upgrade the current technology or to change the whole system in term of improvement. However, company itself realizes that changing comes with cost. It is necessary to rate the cost and benefits business will receive from changing. ï‚ §Ã¯â‚¬  How could the environmental factors you have identified impact on the marketing mix? Environmental factors Impacts on the marketing mix Environmental factor 1: Competition Impacts on prices: Pricing for new market can be calculated from the cost of entering the new market. It can be higher or cheaper or remain the same Price changing is expecting to affect the total sales volume and profit to business.Show MoreRelatedMarketing Opportunities: Starbucks, Procter Gamble, and IBM1134 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing opportunities The three chosen firms are Starbucks, Proctor Gamble and IBM. These organizations have been chosen for different reasons. First, all three companies were chosen because they are multinational corporations. Starbucks is a coffee shops retail chain and it is well known around the world and especially in the US. Starbucks has strong brand image and brand recognition and the company has a strong corporate culture which is centered on valuing their employees and customers tooRead MoreCompany and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships1465 Words   |  6 Pageshow to design business portfolios and develop growth strategies 3. Explain marketing’s role in strategic planning and how marketing works with its partners to create and deliver customer value 4. Describe the elements of a customer-driven marketing strategy and mix, and the forces that influence it 5. List the marketing management functions, including the elements of a marketing plan, and discuss the importance of measuring return on marketing investment Chapter Outline 1. Companywide StrategicRead MoreEssay on Marketing Strategies970 Words   |  4 Pages Content:  The decision content includes market opportunity analysis, brand development, advertising, pricing and basic sales force management decisions. It also includes a simplified profit analysis. Decisions by Quarter Quarter 1: Setup your company, evaluate market opportunities and prepare for test market. †¢ DetermineRead MoreUnderstanding Marketing and Marketing Process with Developing Marketing Opportunities and Strategy1717 Words   |  7 PagesUnderstanding  Marketing  and  Marketing  Process Marketing  is  the  organizational  function  charged  with  defining  customer  targets  and  the  best  way to  satisfy  needs  and  wants  competitively  and  profitably.  Since  consumers  and  business  buyers  face an  abundance  of  suppliers  seeking  to  satisfy  their  every  need,  companies  and  nonprofit organizations  cannot  survive  today by  simply  doing  a  good  job.  They  must  do an  excellent  job  if they  are  to remain in  the  increasingly  competitive  global  marketplace.  Many  studies  haveRead MoreAlternative Strategies of Managing Business1776 Words   |  7 PagesAlternative Strategies of Managing Business Alternative Strategies of Managing Business Introduction The success of any business company depends on the strategy it takes on to increase its efficiency. This is because all organizations look forward to increase their returns, and minimize their expenditures. In light of this, success in a business then depends on how successful it is in maximizing its resources, and expanding its market share. This can only be realized when alternative strategies areRead MoreThe Meaning of Marketing Strategy1470 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿The meaning of marketing strategy The contemporaneous business society is extremely dynamic and forces the economic agent to develop and implement a wide array of tactics in order to overcome the challenges raised by various categories of stakeholders. For instance, the organizational staff members are becoming more demanding and also more valuable, generating an internal need to better manage and retain talent, as well as an external competition among employers. Then, the forces of globalizationRead MoreMarketing Strategy Planning And Marketing Research1500 Words   |  6 PagesNowadays, marketing has become an increasingly vital aspect which can drive the organization to develop and launch the new product successfully, even though marketing was not the worthiest priority for the organizations during 3-4 decades ago. In order to clarify the importance of marketing role that played in the development and launch of new products, the meaning of marketing needs to be referred. Marketing can be simply defined as â€Å" meet needs profitably† (Kotler and Keller, 2012) and â€Å"managingRead MoreChapter 1 Summary: Warren J. Keegan: Global Marketing Management, 7th Edition956 Words   |  4 PagesChapter 1 Introduction to Global Marketing  § What is Global Marketing? Global Marketing is the process of focusing the resources and objectives of a company on global marketing opportunities. It means widening the business horizons to encompass the world when scanning for opportunity and threat. This decision to entering new markets depends strongly on the companys resources, managerial mindset and the nature of opportunity and threat, which not every company is able to. In the 1990s, theRead MoreHow Sports Managers Successfully Market Their Organization And / Or A New Product?1457 Words   |  6 Pagestheir organization and/or a new product? Introduction Although marketing is described to involve a variety of activities, such as production, pricing, sales and advertising, the focus of it is to satisfy the needs or desires of consumers without no doubt (Smith and Stewart, 2014). ‘The customer is the alpha and omega of marketing’ (Kahle and Close, 2011, p.2). In other words, the customer is the starting points and ending points of marketing. In turn, sport marketing is usually defined as ‘the applicationRead MoreMarket-Entry Timing: Product and Service1051 Words   |  4 PagesService A  market entry strategy  is the planned method of delivering and distributing  goods  or services  to a  target market. Hence, the timing is critical when introducing a new product or service. Oftentimes, a market entry strategy is contingent upon sound marketing principles involving the five Ps Price, Product, People, Place, and Promotion in the marketplace (Constantinides, 2006). Such principles rely upon an organizations agility in capitalizing an opportunity cost in the market. Indeed

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Essay about Funeral - Personal Narrative - 614 Words

Funeral - Personal Narrative I gaze around. I see one family, brought together, to mourn for one of our own. Countless numbers of dark figures stand on parade, speaking in unison to pay our respects to one whom we adore. The sadness corrupts my inner soul and my heart bleeds a river inside. Nothing could change the wretchedness I feel. We leave, what seems to me, not a holy church, but more of a devils palace. But the worst is yet to come. Still shedding tears I climb into the hearse, my eyes fixed upon the noble man in the back, in the vain hope that there would be life in him once again. It is useless. I stare outside in the deepest of depression, worrying about the road that lies†¦show more content†¦Our car reduces speed and the driver climbs out. I think to myself, This is no gate. A gate would be an astonishing gift to me right now. The only thing I can do now is pray and hope. To pray that I will not have to go through this anguish, suffering and endless hell once again. In one sudden movement, my hopes and dreams are crushed into minute pieces of terror and misery, as the hearse driver opens the door. Resistance is pointless. We are already here. A foot away from the gates of fire. I push open the gate upon its rusty hinges. Though, I know, cemeteries are supposed to be depressing and solemn places, this is out of the ordinary. I am welcomed by an old, decrepit yet elegant chapel, that has been abused by weather and man, but preserved and decorated by Mother Nature. Ivy droops over the freestanding wall and fades away into the rubble and ruins. Through a slight crack in the wall I see the remains of a derelict altar. I continue on, picking up my drained feet off the grassy surface from under them. They are comforted by the pleasantness of a spongy carpet of autumn leaves. A mosaic of infinite colors. A mild breeze slithers past my face and cools me throughout as we enter a kingdom of beauty. My eyes ascend up into the branches of an oak that has past its prime, but nothing can steal theShow MoreRelatedComparison of Passages from Great Expectations and Madame Bovary1110 Words   |  5 Pageseven find sanctity at the occasion of death, as both the funerals painfully become mockeries which worsen, rather than alleviate, the wounds of grief suffered by Joe and Charles. The most notable difference between Dickenss and Flauberts narration style is that although both Dickens and Flaubert move away from employing a omniscient and omnipotent narrator figure, one such as Fielding so dearly cherished, in Pip Dickens created a personal, informative and sensitive first person voice, whereasRead MoreRomare Bearden’s Collection Essay1635 Words   |  7 Pagesmade by â€Å"Cut and pasted printed, colored and metallic papers, photostats, pencil, ink marker, gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on Masonite† (MET Museum). Bearden liked telling narratives within these collages involving Harlem life. Whether it was on the streets, inside apartments, or in front of stores, these narratives told the role of many individuals within the black community. They depicted life as it was happening and you can almost write a story by just looking at these collages. During thisRead MoreAfrican American reactions to death and loss can be traced to their African roots, their centuries1400 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican researchers have primarily focused on the â€Å"death-care† industry—black funeral homes and morticians, the history of the profession, and its practices. Holloway took a stronger and more active approach by researching all facets of the burial business: emergency room physicians, hospital chaplains, hospice administrators, embalming chemical salesmen, casket makers, funeral directors, and grieving relatives. She uses narrative, photographs, and images to summon a painful history of lynchings, whiteRead MoreThe Life of A Slave Girl by Harriet A. Jacobs Essay1272 Words   |  6 PagesA slave narrative is to tell a slaves story and what they have been through. Six thousand former slaves from North America told about their lives during the 18th and 19th centuries. About 150 narratives were published as separate books or articles most slaves were born in the last years of the slave regime or during the Civil War. Some Slaves told about their experiences on plantations, in cities, and on small farms. Slave narratives are one of the only ways that people today know about the wayRead MoreCase Study : Mr. Rocky Mountain 916 Words   |  4 Pagesextent of his sickness. This paper will prove that illness narrative provide adequate subjective assessment and telling story of their illness allows the narrator to disclose what is important to their lives, what matter to them most. To provide eff ective care to the patient, understanding the patient interpretation of illness must occur. Stories narrative by patient is an articulation of their knowledge. The act of understanding one’s narrative story becomes a biggest part of formulating the plan ofRead MoreExamining how Brutus and Mark Anthony Utilise Language to Manipulate the Audience in Act 3 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar1356 Words   |  6 PagesExamining how Brutus and Mark Anthony Utilise Language to Manipulate the Audience in Act 3 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar This essay will scrutinize and analyse two speeches from Julius Caesar; firstly Brutuss funeral oration and Mark Anthonys response in Act 3 Scene 2. Brutus as a conspirator against Caesar addresses the audience to justify himself along with his other conspirators actions whilst Mark Anthony speaks in Caesars defence and Brutus prosecution. This essayRead MoreGender Specific Slavery During The Period Of The Civil War1198 Words   |  5 Pagesin the 19th century. Being treated more as personal property as opposed to an actual human being, some slaves managed to rebel and write down their account of white slave owners’ dehumanization of black slaves. In social reformer and writer Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave he writes of rebelling against his physically abusive owners and triumphantly gaining freedom. In writer Harriet Ann Jacobs narrative Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, JacobsRead MoreDickinson and Plath Comparative Analysis Essay example1530 Words   |  7 Pagesreveals the poets personal problems with unusual frankness(Oxford Dictionary). Although she wrote using hypnagogic symbolism and metaphors, one can postulate that most of her poems are written about herself. Emily Dickinson, however, wrote lyric poetry. The Emily Dickinson Museum cl aims she once told a reader, â€Å"When I state myself, as the Representative of the Verse – it does not mean – me – but a supposed person†(Staff). She mostly referred to death in a past-tense,narrative tone as if what shesRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglas An American Slave1450 Words   |  6 PagesThe book Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas an American slave, is showing a highway map, displaying the road to how the slavery went to freedom. Douglas at the opening of the book was a slave in both his body and mind. Then at the end good things happened to him, he gets legal freedom and frees his mind. The events in the book are good points in Frederick’s life, in the book it explains how he get there, and what he had to do and learn along the road. Where it first starts is Douglas realizesRead MoreEssay on Structure and Style of To Sir, with Love1013 Words   |  5 Pagesstudents will learn and live. Over the course of time his students transform, except for Bert. The students find out that Thackeray’s past has remarkable similarities to their own lives. This realization changes the relationship to a more respectful personal one as the students see that there is indeed an adult authority who can understand their experiences. Thackeray’s confidence in his students and the positive results of his teaching style eventually win over both the students and faculty. However

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Never Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro - 1386 Words

Another work that describes the life of minorities within society is Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel, Never Let Me Go. The main characters, Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy are students, but more importantly they are clones. They were produced for science and the harvesting of their organs, just as animals are harvested for their meat. The novel described them as being the same as the majority human population, with the only difference being that they were created by science rather than physically born. These students were kept apart from the rest of society and were raised in something similar to boarding schools. They were looked after by women that played the roles of teacher and caregivers. When they were younger, Kathy, Ruth, and their friends approached one of their caregivers because they wanted to show that Ruth was wrong about her being afraid of the children. After surrounding the woman to greet her, Kathy says that they, â€Å"can still see it now, the shudder she seemed to be suppre ssing, the real dread that one of us would accidentally brush against her† (Ishiguro 35). Despite the fact that the students knew they were different, they did not see themselves as the caregivers did. At the end of the novel when Tommy and Kathy meet with the caregivers, the women tell them the truth about how society viewed them. They said, â€Å"†¦you were kept in the shadows†¦they tried to convince themselves that you weren’t really like us. That you were less than human† (Ishiguro 263). The clone children wereShow MoreRelatedNever Let Me Go, By Kazuo Ishiguro1068 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen increasingly getting better at cloning and thus attempting more complicated cloning. In the 2005 novel, Never Let Me Go, human clones are created to be organ donors for humans that need an organ transplant in order to survive. Clones look like humans, have feelings like humans but are not necessarily looked at as â€Å"human beings† in the novel. Throughou t the novel Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro’s expresses his belief that science has no limits and poses the questions ethically, where do humansRead MoreNever Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro1512 Words   |  7 PagesBeginning to end, Kazuo Ishiguro’s speculative novel Never Let Me Go leaves readers wanting more—more closure, more answers, more facts. Throughout the entire novel, readers are left in the dark with few explicit details of the society or its origins. The shadowy, obscure Madame Marie-Claude is a paradigm for the motif of mystery and uncertainty throughout Never Let Me Go. Two to four times a year, preparations begin for Madame’s arrival at Hailsham without warning to the students. She visits, takesRead MoreNever Let Me Go, By Kazuo Ishiguro1714 Words   |  7 Pagesnovel â€Å"Never Let Me Go,† by Kazuo Ishiguro he addresses the issue about clones and how they grow up in an institution meant to get the students ready to conquer in a huma n environment. Ishiguro’s novel â€Å"Never Let Me Go† serves an approach to the â€Å"Cloning argument. In the novel a character named Kathy H was one of the primary ones who was cloned along with a few others. This helps us to answer the question of how clones should be treated in relation to human verses non-human concept, as Ishiguro attemptsRead MoreNever Let Me Go, By Kazuo Ishiguro Essay2335 Words   |  10 Pagesknowledge. In Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro, the institution of Hailsham helps shelter the clones, yet inhibits them. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Creature learns languages from his neighbors. The lack of an academic system causes a form of self-teaching. While self-learning is a form of self-realization as mentioned in Walter Kirn’s article â€Å"Lost In Meritocracy† Kirn learns from his experiences, Ellison from Invisible Man learns â€Å"street smarts† similar to the clones in Never Let Me Go in whichRead MoreNever Le t Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro1542 Words   |  7 PagesMary Shelley, Ray Bradbury, Michael Crichton, and Kazuo Ishiguro, to name a few, have all written books displaying these dangers. While reading these books, the dangerous, immoral actions and abuse of power seem evident, yet locating them in society is not quite as simplistic. The authors attempt to grant their audience a better way of finding these warning signs, while also providing an entertaining story. In his novel Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro utilizes first-person narration, symbolism, andRead MoreNever Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro Essay1928 Words   |  8 Pagesto have a great future, fall in love, get married, have a family, but most importantly have a wonderful life. What if your life had been planned out for you and the sole purpose of your existence was to donate your vital organs? Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel, Never Let Me Go is a tragic love story between two human clones that fall in love before they know what l ove truly is. The clones are raised until adulthood in Hailsham, a boarding school for clones, to later become organ donors. They are trainedRead MoreNever Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro2000 Words   |  8 PagesIn the novel Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro presents the story of Kathy H., and her friends Tommy and Ruth, who are growing up at Hailsham. Hailsham resembles an English contemporary boarding school, but one discovers that this school is specifically for clone children that have been created to donate their organs for the betterment of society. The author uses a descriptive narrative by Kathy to present the story of the short lives of clones, and the human lives they lead with all the difficultiesRead MoreNever Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro930 Words   |  4 Pages How do you classify rather someone is human or not? A tricky question has many different possible answers, but only a few that could be justified as being human. Kazuo Ishiguro has addressed this topic in his book Never Let Me Go. A reoccurring question throughout the novel is rather or not these clones are considered a human being or just another science project. Suspicious individuals of the surrounding communities in the novel, believed that the students were not human, because they couldRead MoreNever Let Me Go By Kazuo Ishiguro2932 Words   |  12 PagesIn Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let me Go, the proclaimed blasphemy of the process called cloning is not explained through scientific means, but is instead treated as an ordinary part of everyday life. Is this just a device used to convey a degree of empathy to Ishiguro’s text? Or has cloning become ‘humanised’ and is indistinguishable from what we would consider to be ordinary and mundane? There are firmly established archetypes in the Science Fiction genre of literature. The dystopian motif isRead More The novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro740 Words   |  3 PagesSeveral years ago a novel was written that threw the science fiction genre on its head because of the way that it tells the story and twists the ideas of typical book genres. The novel Never Let Me Go, a story by acclaimed author Kazuo Ishiguro is about a young lady and her friends, figuring out who they are from adolescence to adulthood. While at first this may seem a typical coming of age story, the novel starts to turn into a science fiction story and goes back again and forces readers to change